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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Some NBC and Fox Online Shows have Closed Caption!

I'm a big fan of NBC's Heroes and I was very excited when I found out that NBC offered Closed Captioning on selected shows (Heroes is one of them)! I'd like to personally thank NBC for making Closed Caption possible on some shows, especially Heroes.

Fox also has some online videos with Closed Caption options available to a limited selection of online videos. But hey, it's a start! I'm just excited to see the CC technology grow. I will continue to hope that the CC video libraries online will continue to grow.

So again, my sincere thanks to the studios that offer Closed Caption. Anyone reading this can check it out at and I prefer the NBC Captioning style and TV shows selections better. Now, if only I could figure out how to get those shows with CC into my AppleTV or iPhone.



  1. Thanks for letting me know! I missed Heroes on monday night!

  2. First time I seen CC on Heroes which it was on column on side which is ridiculous!

    Now, I'm glad there is normal subtitle over the video which what it make more comfortable to read.

    Thank for let me know!

  3. Thanks!!! Now I can watch Heros on Tuesday because I watch One Tree Hill at the same time on Mondays.

    Do you know what shows on Fox are cc?

  4. Yeah Fox also provides CC but the options are limited and only some episodes are Closed captioned. Kinda dumb in my opinion.

    Another thing I wish NBC would do is put CC on the HD shows they sell on iTunes. They've gone this far, how much harder would it be to CC the iTunes shows?


  5. Sweet! I blogged about this a while back:

    They improved it!!!

    What Fox shows are captioned???

  6. Lance,

    Thanks for bringing the online captions of NBC and FOX tv shows to our attention.

    I have mixed feelings about this year's "Heroes" due to prolonged storylines.

    I was very pleased to see the
    s e x u a l side of Dr. Suresh, an Indian character with bared chest.

    I think that Sylar is really hot with thick eyebrows. I really look forward to Sylar's role as the young Spock in the upcoming new Star Trek movie.

    I kinda missed the former professional soccer star as the drugged-out painter and African American memory remover guy.

    I was somewhat bored with Hiro and his sidekick buddy, but look forwarded to the evil side of Hiro's buddy in upcoming episodes.

    I had a hard time to decide whether to watch "Prison Break" and Heroes tv show.

    "Fringe" new tv show is my personal favorite with many interesting psdueoscience topics.


  7. J.J. Fox has very few for now, you'll find some CC shows in Hell's Kitchen but not all of the episodes have CC. Like I said it's pretty limited. Also Fox puts the CC under the video which is kind of annoying while NBC places the CC over the video I prefer that.

    RLM you rock! Made me laugh with your post. You are right about Sylar being in the new Star Trek. What I found interesting is a lot of the cast in Heroes has been in or will be in Star Trek! Sorry, I don't share your attraction to Sylar or Dr. Suresh, I only think my wife is HOT, everyone else just looks good :). My favorite Hero is Peter, I think it would be really cool to be able to absorb other people's power especially if they don't notice. Sometime Peter is an idiot though.

  8. Check out A lot of Fox shows are captioned on Bones, Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, etc. You'll find that has a lot of closed-captioned episodes of different shows...

  9. Roselil,

    I heard of Hudu before from an article I didn't know it had CC though! Thanks for bringing that up! You're right, there are a bunch of CC TV shows there but it seems that the CC availability depends on whether it was available on NBC or Fox or other channels online. I haven't been able to find a movie with CC on Hudu yet did you see any?


  10. If you email Hulu Support and ask them for a list of episodes and movies that are cc, they'll give it to you. One movie that I saw was cc is Raising Arizona.

  11. Lance,

    No problem about your attraction to your dear wife! I would not blame you at all.

    Your fav Hero - Peter? Interesting choice! I always root for villians as just fun.

    Everyone in "Heroes" are gray area, not really "black and white" heroes.

    At least, we don't have to look at people with extraordinary abilities wearing underwear on the outside. LOL!

    Many people always ask why superheroes like Superman and Batman and other superheroes tend to wear so-called underwear on the outside. What purpose for that?

    I used to drool at actor Milo Villeagnaha due to his mopped hair downside, not really now. He seems aged quickly due to his vegan diets.

    I also have hots for Peter's older brother until I saw him in real-life with awful fingernails from some photo-ops.

    Of course, I love Malcom McDowall. He used to be real BIG in the 70s from his film role in Stanley Kurbick's "Clockwork Orange" as troubled Alex.

    The actor who played Surek on the classic Star Trek is definitely ugly as Hiro's father. When he was much younger. That actor was not really bad.

    Many Heroes have gay undersides like Jack Coleman, Claire's father, once played the leading role in ABC-TV's "Dynasty" as gay son of wealthy patritach. Hiro's father is also the fine example.

    Actor Jack Coleman is not gay himself.

    You know many actors from HBO's "OZ" tv series ended up on NBC-TV's "Law and Order" series. Some tv series have connections to former producers and casting directors, etc.

    Let's peel our eyes for the upcoming Heroes tv epsiodes what will be in store for us, television viewers.


  12. Mandy,

    Thanks for the tip, will find out. Maybe I'll maintain a list of Captioned TV shows here.


    Yeah, you can never really tell who is the good guy and who is the bad guy in Heroes. Thats becoming a trend in poplar TV shows nowadays, Lost, Heroes, Lost Room, etc. it gives the audience the sense that its okay to be a bad guy once in a while and we seem to like the idea :).


  13. Lance,

    Yep about the latest societal trends for measuring heroes by gray area.

    President GWB must be something to do with this kind of trend due to his "black and white" definition of enemy, etc.


  14. I want to improve my English by seeing moive including closed caption. I'm very happy to know that NBC have some moive has close caption.

    But i can not see close caption on NBC's Heroes. plese let me know someone here.

  15. To see these shows go to:

    After the advertisement you'll see a small box in the control bar at the bottom of the screen with CC in it, click on that box to turn it on.


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  17. I'm not living inside USA, this site allow people only live inside USA to watch those CC shows; i want to learn English better especially with listening, anyone know another site provide these shows with CC to provide me please.